Educational Curriculum

Merged with with special instructional techniques.

The Academy at Pathways to Learning

Designed for students with multiple learning issues, The Academy at Pathways to Learning is a place where the rigorous academics of the Calvert educational curriculum are merged with special instructional techniques toaccommodate individual learning needs.

This small group, multi-grade setting allows students who are experiencing difficulty in traditional classrooms the opportunity to learn without being overwhelmed by academic demands in conflict with learning difficulties.

The Academy at Pathways to Learning is a year round program for students with multiple learning needs. Starting the day after Labor Day and ending in August, instruction is scheduled on a 20-day cycle with two review days per cycle and tests to measure progress at the end of the cycle. The 180 days of learning are scheduled in nine learning periods with breaks throughout the year.

Classes are taught from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and one Friday per month. The remaining Fridays are a time for assimilation of the information learned on Mondays through Thursdays as well as a time to practice or complete work. Homework is limited to 60 minutes of practice each night.

The Calvert curriculum provides the framework that insures a quality education. Its fully developed program allows us to focus on adaptations needed for students to demonstrate his or her knowledge in ways that don’t depend on weaker learning channels.