Every Student Can Be Successful

When tought by methods that fit his or her learning style.

Strategies for Success

Pathways to Learning, Inc. creates innovative teaching strategies which incorporate a child’s strengths while working to remedy learning weaknesses. We benefit the students by incorporating research based techniques with multi-sensory materials that can utilize all available learning channels.

  • Individualized instruction based on current researched methods and the student’s learning style
  • Diagnostic-prescriptive teaching that focuses on identifying strengths while meeting individual needs,
  • Draws on 28 years of experience teaching students who learn differently Teaches workshops upon request for schools, staff and parents who home school
  • Uses current research-based methods including LANGUAGE!, Wilson Language Reading System
  • Matches students to specific learning activities and tutors based on individual needs
  • Member, International Dyslexia Association
  • 1989 Outstanding Special Educator in Northeastern Oklahoma
  • 1990 State finalist for the Oklahoma PTA Phoebe Apperson Hearst Award

About Pathways to Learning

Pathways to Learning aims to provide students who have trouble learning with an alternate approach, including specific instruction designed to accommodate their personal learning styles.   Drawing on 28 years of experience in teaching students who learn differently, Educational Director Karen Castellon promotes teaching specific skills and concepts using multi-sensory materials and sequenced structured methodology.  Using current research based methods  Pathways to Learning matches students to specific learning activities and tutors based on individual needs.

A Word to Parents

Sometimes a student has trouble learning and there can be many different reasons.  Regardless of the cause, the sense of failure is real for many student’s in today’s classroom.  Larger class size means less individual time for each student.  If he or she does not master the basic learning concepts, the student can become rapidly lost with little hope of catching up.

Pathways to Learning, Inc. was started to serve the students and their families caught in this dilemma.  With over 25 years of experience in special education, Karen Castellon has helped many students find their way through the maze of letters and numbers to master the fundamental building blocks of learning.  Knowing first-hand the various learning styles, she has successfully devised and implemented instructional plans to meet individual needs.  Every student can be successful when taught by methods that fit his or her learning style.

Let Pathways to Learning assist your child in learning to learn more effectively.