Educational Services

Pathways to Learning, Inc. provides the highest quality individualized educational services for students experiencing difficulty with the learning process.

It is our believe that every student can find their way through the maze of letters and numbers to master the fundamental building blocks of learning.

Strategies for Success

Pathways to Learning aims to provide students who have trouble learning with an alternate approach, including specific instruction designed to accommodate their personal learning styles.   Drawing on 28 years of experience in teaching students who learn differently, Educational Director Karen Castellon promotes teaching specific skills and concepts using multi-sensory materials and sequenced structured methodology. 

About the Academy

Designed for students with multiple learning issues, The Academy at Pathways to Learning is a place where the rigorous academics of the Calvert educational curriculum are merged with special instructional techniques to accommodate individual learning needs.

This small group, multi-grade setting allows students who are experiencing difficulty in traditional classrooms the opportunity to learn without being overwhelmed by academic demands in conflict with learning difficulties.